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Ariana features the hottest, sweetest and most delicious teens on the planet. Our decadent girls are not only beautiful but are some of the wildest females you will find anywhere! Our Swallowing models will put almost anything in their mouths and down their throats. Have you ever seen a girl swallow a live fish? How about a live frog? Ever thought a girl would swallow a diamond ring? Our girls do it all-- and so much more!

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With her silky black hair, playful nature, sexy stomach and smoking hot body, Leigh instantly became an Ariana swallowing legend. As she dropped one fish after another down her gullet, you could practically hear the fish screaming in delight! See all of her videos when you join now!

Everyone in the Ariana club loves Cassandra, and it's really hard not to! Her sultry sexiness exudes eroticism, and her willingness to gulp any lucky victim makes her one of the most popular and sexy swallowing models in the world. Now you can see all of her steamy, sexy swallowing videos inside!
BONUS: Cassandra was the first Ariana girl to have her own DVD!
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The beautiful Ashley is a college student and one of Ariana's first Swallowing girls. Ashley's experience with a black moor is still one of the most popular videos on Ariana's Swallowing Obsession. Ashley's beauty is radiant as lucky little fish slide playfully down her throat.
Sandy is quite possibly Ariana's most professional Swallowing girl. The fish in front of Sandy don't stand a chance, as she cooly fishes them out, drops them in her mouth and sends them blissfully down.

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With her curly brown locks and feisty persona, Angie quickly became one of Ariana's spiciest chicas. The latin flavors in her digestive system made short work of her lucky little fishies, and you can see all of them go down - one at a time - when you join today.
Amber is smoking hot - literally! After downing some lucky, yummy fishies, Amber became the first Ariana girl to smoke a cigarette while digesting her prey... all on our cameras! Amber gladly chats online, takes request and has even been known to give private shows, and now you can see all of her work inside!
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Oz is widely renowned as one of Ariana's most breathtakingly beautiful Swallowing girls. At only 18 years old, she is also Ariana's youngest. Oz's unique style and true, sincere enjoyment of swallowing make her videos some of the most sought after on the Internet. Ariana is proud to be the exclusive provider of Oz's videos and congratulates the fish and items lucky enough to be selected for her.

Thick and cute, Lori has BBW lovers everywhere wishing they could experience just one of her sessions. Lori is a popular Swallowing girl and her videos are some of the most frequently viewed in Ariana's database!

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Although she only appeared in one Ariana video before retiring, Lucky quickly became one of the most popular and most discussed Swallowing girl. Lucky's ability to down incredibly large objects coupled with her sheer pleasure make Lucky's video one of the best on Ariana.

Without comparison, Cathy is Ariana's most prolific swallower. With dozens of videos in Ariana's database, Cathy's cute and energetic style make every fish, frog and object going down her throat glad to be there. BONUS: Cathy is also the first Swallowing girl to appear totally nude.

Another one-timer, Olivia made a popular cameo as a Swallowing girl in 2007. Her victim? A fortunate blue betta which had survived many other experiences. Olivia's tummy proved too much for that fish, though, as he slid neatly down her throat.

Cathy's BFF Michelle is another popular one-time Swallowing girl. Although no fish was lucky enough to slide into her mouth, she eagerly gulped down a Swarovski crystal. Ariana will be glad to add sparkle to her tummy any time!

Ariana's Swallowing Boys
With more videos than anyone else but Cathy, DJ is far and away Ariana's most popular Swallowing boy. DJ also has very diverse tastes and has downed everything from baby sharks to portable electronics!

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Jake is another highly popular Swallowing boy. With acting experience in from Central Florida's world renowned theme parks, Jake is a formidable Swallower. Enjoy his videos as some of the best in Ariana's collection!

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