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Ariana Girls on CD is only $14.99! applicable shipping charges.

Cut the wires, bypass the downloads and enjoy the luscious Ariana Girls anywhere you go! Now you can get more than 500 megabytes of pure, unedited, unadulterated and unabridged Ariana Girls content on one interactive CD!  No more waiting for downloads or trying to secure your internet connection- you can have an Ariana Girl with you, in super high quality pictures and video any time!

The following CD titles are availble in the Ariana Store:
Ariana on CD, Volume I
Ariana on CD, Volume II
Ariana on CD, The Cathy Collection
Ariana on CD, The Best of 2006

Also, keep watching for news of a new Ariana DVD!!

Get Belinda's entire photo shoot and much more on an interactive CD!


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